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Over 20 years of experience

At Property Inspection Guys, we have been offering quality, reliable and affordable property inspections services to residential and commercial property owners for the last two and a half decades. Our duty as property inspectors is to simply ensure that that the aspects of the structures you inhabit are in good conditions and that they do not endanger your life in any way. Give us a call at 888-609-0266 to learn more about our property inspection services and their importance to you as a property owner.


Punctual professional staff

At Property Inspection Guys, we keep only the punctual and the most professional staff. We believe that it is our professional obligation to ensure customer satisfaction and this is only possible if our staff is able to report to clients site and offer services in a timely and professional manner. We dont condone lateness and we will always be in time whenever you call for our services.


High quality work

Property Inspection Guys has fully qualified professionals and technicians to undertake the property inspection services. All our technicians have been trained in the various aspects of property inspections and they also attend regular seminars and workshops to apprise themselves with the current and emerging issues in property management. You can thus expect high quality work and precise property inspection reports from us. Give us call today at 888-609-0266 if you want your property inspection to be undertaken by qualified experts in the industry.

Call us today at 888-609-0266 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

Radon gas testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that results from the decomposition of uranium and radium and its presence in your living spaces can have far reaching consequences to you and your family members. At Property Inspection Guys, we offer reliable and accurate radon testing services to determine if this lethal colorless odorless gas is present within your property. If found, we will advice on the necessary measures to take including vacating the property if the levels are found to be too high. Give us a call today at 888-609-0266 if you want to know if you are faced with this kind of radiation in your property.

Carbon monoxide testing

Carbon monoxide is another lethal that you should entertain in your property. Just like radon, it is colorless and odorless and it kills so easily be depriving your body off oxygen. Our property inspection team will look into your combustion equipment and determine if this gas is being released whenever you are cooking or simply warming your rooms. All the appliances will also be tested to see they have any trace of this lethal killer gas. You can trust Property Inspection Guys for reliable testing and detection of carbon monoxide gas in your property.

Phase Inspection

At Property Inspection Guys, we also offer quality and effective phase inspection services as part of our property inspection services. In phase inspection, we undertake to inspect the whole house or property in phases while concentrating on a major installation in each of the phases. Our phase inspection will include masonry wall inspection, mechanical system installation inspections and Final walk through inspection where we through all the components in details to ensure that nothing is a miss.

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